Living space: spaces, planets, entities"

International Exhibition of Modern Art
Cosmonautics is perhaps the first social act of mankind, over which disputes and doubts have not yet subsided. Is it necessary to rush into extraterrestrial expanses, when there are so many worries and troubles on a small Earth? What can attract people in a lifeless space, where the mineral kingdom is breathing fire or numb in the cosmic cold, but so far not a single representative of life has been found, not even a microbe? Isn't going into space, as the world-famous physicist Max born claimed, a triumph of reason, but a tragic delusion of the mind? What draws people beyond the borders of the Earth, besides idle curiosity?
Topic: "Living space: spaces, planets, entities"

Offer your interpretation of the origin of the universe!
For one artist, space is understood as the incredible beauty of the sprawling myriad of stars and galaxies. For another, it is like the unknown depths of everything secret, subconscious and incomprehensible. For a third artist, the cosmos can be visualized as some unrealized child's fantasy. And so - endlessly! Cosmogony is the whole palette of states and forms of matter.
The project will take the form of an exhibition and competition. The international project "ART-COSMOGONIA" involves works of painting, graphics, photography, digital art, sculpture, textiles, arts and crafts.
1) Painting
2) Graphics
3) Sculpture
4) Photography
5) Decorative arts and textiles
6) Video Art and Digital Art
Competitive nominations:
1) Deep space
2) Visible space
3) Dark matter: psychedelic
4) Entities: Cosmic Bestiary
5) Historicism: esotericism and mythology
6) Conquest: space of achievements
7) Illustrations
8) Symbolism
Exhibition in Moscow:

Exhibition dates: July 21-27, 2024
Registration: until July 18, 2024
Exhibition opening: July 21, 2024, 18:00
Announcement of winners: July 27, 2024, 17:00

Exhibition address:
Center for Contemporary Arts and Gallery "Art Commune"
(Moscow, Kyiv str., 2, 4th floor, TGC "Kyiv")

World Fund of Arts
International Union of Curators,
Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
Eurasian Art Union,
Production agency "NextArt"

We invite artists, graphic artists, photographers and masters of various crafts to take part in the International art project "Art-Cosmogony".